About Us

Ultra Air Conditioning Pty Ltd is an Australian company providing residential and commercial air conditioning sales, installations, yearly services and corrective maintenance to the building industry and private market.

Ultra Air was founded in 1999 through the enterprise and foresight of its principal, Anthony Licastro whose industry knowledge and experience saw him recognize an opportunity to improve upon the work practices and procedures involving residential air conditioning within the building industry.

Ultra Air Conditioning offer “comfort and confidence”.

In addition to the solid foundation of industry knowledge and experience, Ultra’s dependability is reinforced by long established relationships with suppliers and builders and also enjoys favourable public profile through its contribution to community events.

Central to this is Director Anthony Licastro who maintains a “hands on” approach within the company overseeing all facets of the business operations.


  • Ultimate in quality products, superior service and added value at the best available prices
  • Unrivalled in our efforts to be pro-active in the development and adaptation of products and services to our clients needs
  • Uncompromising in our philosophy to act at all times with honesty and integrity
  • Understanding maintaining mutual respect with clients, contractors and suppliers
  • Up to Date keeping in touch with advances in industry knowledge through continual revision of work practices and technological innovations

So, let us provide you an air conditioning solution that offers “comfort and confidence” in your premises.

Refrigerant Trading Authorisation No: AU10546

About Ultra Air

Anthony Licastro pioneered Ultra Air Conditioning in 1999. Anthony saw an opportunity to develop new work practises in the domestic air conditioning market for the building industry.

Anthony is the first to offer the market a ‘4 step’ installation process.

The steps he calls:

  • Consultation
  • Rough In
  • Cut and Fit
  • and Commission

This approach has been successful in the building industry allowing Ultra Air Conditioning to service clients such as Allam Homes, Wisdom Homes, Elderton Homes and Fowler homes (to mention a few).

Ultra Air is now known as one of the largest contractors in NSW.