What is SAN-AIR?

SAN-AIR was especially developed to address an issue commonly known as “Sick Building Syndrome”. In the last few years there has been heightened recognition that our living space needs to be cleaned more frequently than was previously thought necessary, to stop the accumulation of unwanted organisms.

The result of our research is the creation of SAN-AIR an environmentally responsible product that delivers effective mould and microbe control, with equal efficiency at home, at work or in enclosed public space.

How Does It Work?

SAN-AIR evaporates slowly as it travels through enclosed spaces without being degraded or neutralized by oxygen in the air. SAN-AIR effectiveness is maximized when air movement is present from either a breeze, fan or air conditioner.

Bacteria and mould travel on floating particulate as well as resting on surfaces. When SAN-AIR comes in contact with the particulate matter the actives in SAN-AIR cause bacteria to stop reproducing and mould to stop breading.

Air borne SAN-AIR has been shown through controlled studies, to come into contact with 55% of air borne particles every hour and killing every mould or bacteria travelling on that particle. After 24 hours the result is micro-biologically safer air for people to breathe in an indoor air environment.

Where is it used and how does it help you?

SAN-AIR prevents bacterial and fungal growth within air conditioning systems, around the home, in closed cupboards or storage areas.

SAN-AIR minimizes the likelihood of respiratory infections spreading by reducing the mould and bacteria count in the air. Within 24 to 48 hours, any indoor environment will show a huge reduction in mustiness and air borne contaminants.

Ducted air conditioning and wall mounted units are difficult to clean. Vacuuming and wiping is moderately effective only in areas that are readily accessible. What about all those inaccessible parts of the machine?

SAN-AIR will use the equipment’s own air flow to get all the internal surfaces as well as eventually touching all of the contaminated air borne particles.


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